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VB 2010 Season That Was: Part 1: Trends

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volleyballThis is the first part of the 2010 Volleyball season that was-----TRENDS


The first SERVE SIDE OUT (I was corrected at the state tournament) continued to drop. I have records going back to 2007, but I couldn't find the 2008 numbers. Perhaps the sample size was too small to get a good read in 2007.
year, FSSO
2007, .537
2009, .517
2010, .512
AAA almost matched that 2007 level this year with a .530 mark. AA had a nostril above .500 at .504. A was under water at .478.

earned points per set increased this year from 13.81 to 14.32. The best class was class AAA with 14.47. Numbers dropped the lower the class to 14.38 for AA and 14.25 for A.

AA topped the aces per set field this year with 2.04. Overall the mark was 1.88, a drop from the 2.04 standard set in 2009.

The blocking game improved over the year up 0.22 to 1.58. Both A and AAA had 1.6 marks, with AA at 1.52.

Kills increased over the year 0.43 to 10.85. There were more kills per set at class A. Perhaps this indicates the defenses are stronger the higher the class. A had 11.14 kills per set, AA was at 14.38, and AAA bottomed out at 14.25.

Defense Per Set: AAA had the lowest totals here with 13.94 increasing to 14.01 in AA and 15.26 to A.
Gifts per set: AA won this dubious honor with 7.73 per set. Class A was the lowest at 6.64. Right in the middle was the biggest class at 7.24.


This number took a big fall this year with the total D1 & D2 numbers going from 48 in 2009 to 30 in 2010-----18 players off the mark. 
Year, BCS Type schools, D1, D2, total
2009 5, 23, 25, 48
2010 3, 8, 22, 30
D2 action dropped slightly, but not as severly as D1.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 25 November 2010 18:13 )  

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