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VB 2010 Season That Was: Part 4: What Goes into Winning

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volleyballThis is the fourth part of the 2010 VB Season that was-----What goes into winning


This segment looks the different factors that go into winning and the flip side too----losing.
The biggest factor that goes into winning is without question defense. If a team only permits another team 11 earned points per set teams are 31-0 ----1.000. Increase it to 12 and the record is 37-1-----.974. Tied in with that is first serve side out. A mark of .700 is another perfect mark 13-0-----1.000. If we drop the mark to .600 the FSSO number drops to a still convincing 34-3 .919
The offense gets a nod with a perfect 13-0 (again) when teams get four runs or more per set. For those out of the loop a run is three points (or more). That means if a team can squeeze two points off a serve you have a run. If the runs per set go to 3 then the winning % is .885 (54-7). and if runs are few and far between----under 1.67 per set the record is 0-37 .000.
Keeping on with the offensive end here is how the ABK/earned points per set shape up
Aces (over 3.7): 17-1 .944
Earned (over 18.5): 16-1 .941
Kills (over 14.33) 17-2 .895

On the flip side a team would be wise to avoid these numbers if they don’t want to lose
Earned (under 12) 0-32 .000
Kills (under 7) 0-17 .000
Blocks (under 0.4) 1-11 .083
Kills (under 10) 6-38 .136

If we look at the high end of the defense allowed (18 or more) 4-22 .154

One more item----teams that don’t give away points (missed serves, hitting errors, ball handling errors) usually wins. Under 5 points the record is 19-3 .864
What about if a team gets a lead of 10 points or more in any set---do they win the match? They do….49-7 .875. It gets even better when a team gets up by 13 or more 25-2 .926.


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