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Home History Badminton History: St. Paul Doubles Champions

Badminton History: St. Paul Doubles Champions

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Harding leads with seven doubles champions. Johnson three, Como Park two; Central, has one.

2001 Cassandra Gundy/Lotoya McBride, Harding, Linda Duong/Lykoung Wong, Highland Park
2002 Mai Nou Lor/Mai Lee, Como Park def. Mang Vang/Xue, Humboldt
2003 Lindsey Bryant/Preetinder Bassi, Harding, def. Ta Fang/Maykong Lee Palao, Como Park
2004 Lindsey Bryant/Preetinder Bassi, Harding,  Maykong LeePalao/Ta Fang, Como Park
2005 Mai Tria Lee/Kaa Bao Yang, Harding, Pollie Lor/Youa Xiong, Johnson
2006 Mai Tria Lee/Kaa Bao Yang, Harding, Joua Lor/Cassey Quach, Central
2007 Dia Xiong/PaNhia Yang, Harding, Karen Obermeyer-Kolb/Kia Thao, Johnson
2008 Doua Thao/Da Chang, Central, Phoua Xiong/Mai Sia Yang, Central
2009 Alynda Her/Bao Vue, Como Park, Jennifer Yang/Paochu Yang, Johnson
2010 Kim Her/Xia Yang, Harding, Bao Vue/Alynda Her, Como Park
2011 Pang Fang/Kalia Her, Johnson, May Yang/Kaziah Josiah, Johnson
2012 May Yang/Crystal Martinez, Johnson, Kaab Vaaj/Ze Yang, Harding
2013: Coua Lee/Jenny Vang, Johnson; Song Fang/Genda Lee, Johnson
2014: Anne Vue/Yer Lor, Harding; Genda Lee/Gaozhoua Vang, Johnson


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