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VB Week That Was 2010

VB Week That Was 2010 #1: Part 2 Superlatives

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volleyballThis is part two of a three part volleyball week that was

Most Aces per game: 3 Blaine vs St. Michael-Albertville 
Most Blocks per game: 2.67 Anoka vs Forest Lake
Most Kills per game:


VB Week That Was 2010 #1: Part 1 Welcome Back

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volleyballWelcome back to the 2010 Volleyball Week That Was. I am dividing the Week that Was into at least three parts: 1. general comments & news; 2. Week's superlatives; 3. Week's Awards.

The week (or half a week....or three days to be precise) started on Thursday with the first contests trickling out. Most of the big fish will be rolling this coming week, but some schools are still not in session and won't be until after Labor Day. That is when the heart of the contests will be rolling. But I was able to catch four contests in the three days and that is the basis for the first week that was.


There are three sites that I scour

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