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D3 WBB: St. Thomas in Spain Part 3

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basketballDay 7 – August 23 (Maggie Weiers)------St. Thomas

Day 8 August 24------ St. Thomas


D3 WBB: St. Thomas in Spain Part 2

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basketballDay 5 – August 21 (Laura Margarit) ------St. Thomas

Day 6 – August 22 (Jenna Dockter) ------St. Thomas


D3 WBB: St. Thomas in Spain

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basketballDay 4 – August 20 (Laura Margarit)

Day 3 – August 19 (Anna Smith and Katie Stone)


D3 WBB: 1 Item 8.19.2014

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basketballAngeli moves to head coach------Daily News


D3 WBB: Mac Hires Roysland

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basketballMacalester Women's Basketball: Roysland to take the reigns of Macalester program-----Roysland


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