2019 Badminton Poll #2

Last week was quiet, but it wasn’t. Suburban teams faced each  other and each of them won and lost. So how is one to sort out that mess? Everyone was 1-1. I then had to look at how many wins each team had in their meetings (7-0, 6-1, 5-2, 4-3). Add those numbers up and decisions could be made That was the separator.

Also Math & Science made the biggest jump. The week before they were dormant, had not played. Thursday they had their first taste of the 2019 season. The only team left that hasn’t played is Hiawatha Collegiate. I  have seen 12 of the 23 teams.  More will be crossed off this week.


1 Johnson

2 Washington

3 Central

4 Como Park

5 Harding

6 Highland Park

7 Humboldt

8 Edina

9 Kennedy

10 Burnsville

11 Eden Prairie

12 Southwest

13 Washburn

14 Hmong Academy

15 South

16 Henry

17 Math & Science

18 Trinity

19 Edison

20 Community of Peace

21 Roosevelt

22 North

23 Hiawatha Collegiate


1 Nuhchi Chah, Johnson

2 Ester Htoo, Harding

3 BeBe Say, Washington

4 Tracy Yang, Eden Prairie

5 Taw Bee, Como Park

6 Neul McDonell, Highland Park

7 Yan-Mei Yuan, Kennedy

8 Mai Ngo, Burnsville

9 Annika Tuma, Central

10 Angel Liang, Edina


1 Chia Sangwang/Lisa Xiong, Central

2 Dah Ku/Joy Moua, Johnson

3 Lindsay Lundberg/Shay Reger, Edina

4 Nyo Nyo Sein/Karia, Washington

5 Yan-Ling Yuan/Tran Nguyen, Kennedy

6 Gao Thor/Kyra Thor, Harding

7 Kachoua Vang/Chia Thao, Johnson

8 Chi Bonoficio/Eh Plot Soe, Como Park

9 Livia Yang/Gina Yang, Highland Park

10 Sun Xiong/Hailey Yang, Hmong Academy

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