Badminton Out & About: Johnson vs. Washington 4.17.2019


#1 Johnson edged out #2 Washington by the most familiar score in St. Paul this year: 4-3. The Governors took all the odd matches, the Eagles took the evens. In all three of Washington’s wins, the Eagles went the distance and had to rally to do it falling behind in the first set. The first two singles were home to the tightest sets with three of the five being decided by three or less points. This is one reason the margin overall in the singles was less than a point. Doubles, despite the Washington win at second doubles, were as tight with Johnson taking three sets with over a double digit margin.

All this means is that the third week in May might be up for grabs for hardware—-provided you reside in the Capital City.

Two more teams were charted leaving a six pack: Eden Prairie, Edison, Roosevelt, Southwest, Harding, & Hiawatha. Two more are scheduled to get the coverage tomorrow and that will close the week.

1. Nuhchi Chah, J def BeBe Say 22-20, 21-14
2. Jansaree Na, W def Pa Di Moua 18-21, 21-19, 21-14
3. Pitsamai Thao, J def Xee Her 21-16, 21-14
4. Cinderella Nue, W def Kayan Vang 14-21, 21-17, 21-14

1. Joy Moua/Dah Ku, J def Chloe Yang/Nyo Nyo Sein 21-13, 21-11
2. Snow White/Karia, W def Kachoua Vang/Chia Thao12-21, 21-17, 21-19
3. Pacee Xiong/Song, J def Ku Gay Tha/Your Paw 21-11, 21-10

: tied 2-2 .500
Games: Johnson 6-4 .600
points: Johnson 233-204 .533
decided by 10+: Johnson 1-0 1.000
decided by 3-: Johnson 2-1 .667
margin: Johnson 0.833
: Johnson 2-1 .667
Games: Johnson  5-2 .714
points: Johnson 141-99 .588
decided by 10+: Johnson 3-0 1.000
decided by 3-: Washington 1-0 1.000
margin: Johnson 7.00


nuhchi CHAH 2, bebe SAY 0
(22-20, 21-14)

#1 Nuhchi Chah as seen a lot of top ranked opponents this week. On Monday she fell to then #2 Ester Htoo of Harding. Chah took revenge on two Edina and Eden Prairie yesterday and continued her bounce back with a two set victory over #3 BeBe Say of Washington. Today’s confrontation had long drawn out points, and often, ended in errors. Both players generated more points off the other’s errors than in creating their own winners. In the longer points (5 strokes or more) Chah prevailed 16-9. Say won the quick points (2 strokes or less) 13-8.

Say held a 3-1 lead in the first set. Chah got the first run of the match with six straight, all via Say errors. Say tied it at six with three straight points, all winners. Another six point rally by Chah brought the margin to six. Say was forced to climb up the hill again. Late in the set with Chah leading 16-11, Say mounted a comeback that tied it at 17. A soft drive after a deep Say serve gave the bird back to Chah. She added a three stroke clear. Say held off two set points with Chah serving in the net on a short attempt and then a drop attempt on the fourth stroke. But the net gobbled up the next two points, one a drop and one a smash attempt that was too low.

Chah rode that momentum in the second set to a 6-1 lead and eventually stretched it out with another run to 12-3. Chah was also slamming the door on Say’s services only allowing one point on seven services. The dam burst on the eighth attempt with Say ringing up seven straight points to close the gap to 19-14. Chah mopped up the last two points with the finale being a nine stroke drop.


Category CHAH SAY
Side out 8/17-.471 8/18-.444
Longest side out string 4 3
3+ Runs 6 4
Longest point string 6 (2x) 7
Service points 26 18
Serving % 40/42-.952 34/35-.971
Point generated off serve .605 .529
Overall points 43 34
Points after 11 22 25
Points after own errors 7 10
Strokes 185 124
Strokes per point 4.302 3.647
5+ rallies 16 9
2- rallies 8 13
Aces 0 0
Blocks 0 1
Clears 2 1
Drives 2 2
Drops 4 2
Soft drives 3 9
Smashes 3 4
ERRORS 15 29
Deep 3 1
Net 5 18
Wide 5 9
Serve 2 1
W:E Ratio 0.933 0.655
Margin 4.000  
Set Point % 2/4-.500  
Time 16:19.20  


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