Club GBB: The HS Crystal Ball Says:


Here is the high school roster analysis of the top three grades (current 9-11) from the seeding games last Sunday at Kennedy.  Only schools with  more than one player is listed. The more things change…..the more they stay the same. Big schools rule. You can expect to see some of these teams next March.  #1 for example.

6: Hopkins

4: St. Michael-Albertville

3: Minnetonka & Simley

2:  Burnsville, Farmington, Maple Grove, Northfield, Roch JM, Rosemount, Park Center, Wayzata, Rochester Lourdes

Obviously, everyone is chasing Hopkins, far and away with most in championship game appearances with six. But that list doesn’t even include Paige Bueckers, Kahyla Adams, NuNu Agara & Jaide Pressley from Metro Stars Starks). Yikes.

What section is the most wicked section of them all with the most contenders in AAAA?

Section 1 has three teams (Farmington, Northfield, Roch JM); Section 3 has two (Burnsville, Rosemount) as does section 6 (Hopkins, Wayzata) and section 8 (STMA, Maple Grove). No one showed up in sections 4 and 7 with multiple listings. Come to think of it, no one showed up with even one listing.

Only two non-AAAA teams make the list. Are they favorites? A qualified yes. We will continue to monitor who brings it week in and week out.  Like this weekend in Shakopee.

AAA: Simley; AA: Rochester Lourdes.

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