MN BVB: The First? State Tournament & Background Information

Andover earns top seed for the first boys’ volleyball state tournament—–StarTribune

Here is the official press release

But in 2017……


This is one paragraph buried in the middle:

“Boys volleyball’s main driver is HCPA’s athletic director Sher Yang. The hope is now that more schools will start teams. The first area of growth will be more TCAC teams, but don’t be surprised when other public schools take part. This has the potential to grow explosively fast. There is a ready pool of coaches and there are colleges that will give scholarships.”

It has grown explosively fast. And that growth will continue. Eventually the MSHSL will sanction the sport and their “first tournament” will be held.

I mention these things not to diminish the initiative, connections and fanning the flames by Gopher Coach Hugh McCutcheon and Walt Weaver or the heavy lifting of the day to day issues of the BVB league from gym availability to scheduling done by Jenny Kilkelly & Krista Flemming. Their work has been outstanding in helping grow the game.

But Columbus didn’t discover America. There were other human beings here first.

By the way, my team (Minneapolis Henry) played four of the eight teams entered in the state tournament this year (Prior Lake, Rogers, Andover & Roseville). We lost each match 3-0 with  the exception of Rogers extending to four sets. I hope to attend this tournament too like I attended the 2017 event. The fly in the ointment is the massive paper I need to finish for the graduate class I am taking.  It is due Sunday. That takes center stage starting Friday.

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