Club GBB Out & About: 4 Saturday Summer Jam Games

It was Rise and shine Saturday for four more games—morning style. Originally I was only going to sample three, but the fourth game, due to a long distance no show by the Georgia Metros (they had two players and a coach at the tournament—-was there a scheduling mix up and the rest of the team took a flight to Minneapolis, Kansas?). That meant North Tartan 17U Elite filled in for an exhibition on short notice.

Once again Attack figured in the equation of games today. Both Iowa and South Dakota won. The Fury was 1-1 when I charted. The All Iowa Attack 10th grade team had the best pp100 of any of the games this weekend so far with a stellar 133.33.


The Rise got off to a strong start doubling Fury 26-13 with four minutes left in the first half. Defense, or lack of offense, claimed the latter part of the half with the score 28-16 at the break. The Fury closed to 30-24, but a time out by Rise rectified the story arc. It took a combined six possessions before Rise scored again, but the d stops began right on cue.

  MN Rise 10 Wolfe MN Fury 2021 Yellow
Points 47 38
Rebounds/off 35/12 25/9
Turnovers 19 12
Fta/% 15/73.33 12/66.67
2fg%/3fg% 41.66/28.57 46.87/0.00
PP100 81.0 66.7
Leading scorer Lakesha Cater 13 Jenna Guyer 13


This was an all Iowa affair with the Attack blistering Lady Martin Bros. Attack delivered ten 3s and sizzled inside the arc at 64%. The game can be encapsulated with the first LMB time out with 5:38 left in the half and trailing 14-10 and another 1:37 later and now trailing 21-12. The roof caved in shortly thereafter with Attack up 39-14 at the break. Six players had 8 or more points for Attack.

  All Iowa Attack 10 EYBL Lady Martin Bros 2021
Points 68 26
Rebounds/off 34/7 28/8
Turnovers 3 12
Fta/% 12/50.00 8/25.00
2fg%/3fg% 64.00/41.67 31.03/16.67
PP100 133.3 51.0
Leading scorer Caroline Waite 14 Two with 8

GAME 3: MN FURY 2021 UAA 70, UVA 2021 Navy 56

It seemed the Fury could do no wrong to start this game. They scored on ten of their first eleven possessions holding a 23-12 lead (translation a 209.1 pp100). That was bound to regress to the mean. By half Fury led 41-28. The margin never really was challenged in the second half.

The Fury Starters were smoking with a 122 pp100, thanks in large part to the start. The Fury also had four players with pp100s over 140. UVA could not match that effort with only one addition. UVA was short handed with three players hobbled by injuries. The Fury divvied up the playing time in traditional Fury manner roughly equal time. One area the Fury lost out to UVA came behind the arc. UVA converted eight 3s to only one for Fury.

Kendall Coley of UVA was the only player on either day to make the 31 Club, and she did it on the nose.

  MN Fury 2021 UAA UVA 2021 Navy
Points 70 56
Rebounds/off 49/19 34/11
Turnovers 10 13
Fta/% 23/47.82 14/71.42
2fg%/3fg% 56.00/6.67 33.33/30.76
PP100 102.9 82.4
Leading scorer Gianna Kneepkens 13 Two with 12


This was technically and exhibition since Georgia Metros was a no-show. North Tartan 17U Elite filled in on less than two hours’ notice; that meant not all their players were in the house. As an exhibition there was not a lot of passion or urgency. NT had the upper hand early with their high low game working at high efficiency. For the game Annika Stewart, Lindsey Becher and Anna Miller combined for 33 of the 46 points (72%). NT led 24-13 with over six minutes left in the first half. The Attack then started to attack the NT ball handlers. That provided an opening. The 16 turnover differential helped explain the final score. When Lydia Haack tweaked her ankle and had to leave the game thing ground down for NT. NT did not waste a lot of energy since they were scheduled for a later game in the Nokomis division (this action was in the Minnetonka division).

  South Dakota Attack 17U North Tartan 17U Elite
Points 53 46
Rebounds/off 25/9 33/10
Turnovers 5 21
Fta/% 17/70.58 9/55.6
2fg%/3fg% 39.39/27.78 57.14/23.07
PP100 94.6 82.1
Leading scorer Madysen Vlasluin 14 Annika Stewart 15


GAME 1: Lakesha Cater of MN Rise 10 Wolfe (& Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial) with 13 points, 100 pp100 and a 22 score in the 31 Club.
GAME 2: Caroline Waite of All Iowa Attack 10 EYBL (& ) with 14 points, 140 pp100 and a 26 score in the 31 Club.
GAME 3: Gianna Kneepkens of MN Fury 2021 UAA (& Duluth Marshall) with 13 points, 144.4 pp100 and a 20 score in the 31 Club.
GAME 4: Madysen Vlasluin of SD Attack 17U (&) with 14 points, a 140 pp100 and a 31 Club score of 23.


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