FROM THE VAULT: 2014 6th Grade Championship

As a bonus I am enclosing what I wrote about back in the state grade championships in 2014—-this was the 6th grade year—-so the current 2020 senior class.


ST. LOUIS PARK orioles 53, EASTVIEW lightning 35

#1 seed St. Louis Park beat #3 seed Eastview 53-35 to take their first state title.

Unfortunately, four minutes of action were accidently erased in my editing, either at home or at the game, so the full results will not be known. StLP is missing about 8 points, Eastview is also missing about 8 points. What wasn’t missing was Paige Bueckers. She is familiar to many of the kjasr readers with her performances during the summer months. She also wins in winter. Today (in the abbreviated stats) she had 22 points, 8 distributions and 6 d stops. That put her in the 31 club without modifications for time (14 minute halves). Bueckers has the flow of a varsity player. Her pp100 of 122 with a .556 floor percentage was tops for the day. It was a one/two Oriole punch with Kayla Adams contributing 16 points. She too was golden. Varsity teams would envy the pp100 mark the Orioles garnered (104.4) and the shooting percentage 48% from 2s, 33% from 3s.

This was the first title for St. Louis Park at the 2020 age level tournaments. Previously Bueckers was playing up.

As for Eastview they shot 26% and ended up with a 59.1 pp100. Koleena Meyer ended up with 8 points to lead the Lightning.

The game broke to StLP when they went on a 9-0 run to pull ahead in the first half 20-8. Eastview closed the gap somewhat by halftime 26-18. By that time Bueckers already had 18 points. A 10-0 run to start the second half sealed the deal. Eventually the game went to running time.

In the stands was Bueckers’ summer coach Tara Starks & daughter TT of Hopkins.

TRENCH PLAYER: Paige Bueckers, even with missing stats smashed the 31 Club without modifications.


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