GBB Out & About: Stillwater v Farmington 12.1.2021


These two teams last April were undefeated. Both lost in the state remote quarterfinals. There has been changes. Stillwater, #6 in AAAA,  started the Tim Peper era off with a resounding bang. He has replaced Willie Taylor who is now the varsity coach at St. Paul Academy.  Farmington is trying to recover from the graduating class of 2021. That is big order to fill. This year the host Farmington Tigers are still searching for their first win. In fact, the Tigers have already accumulated three losses after the loss to the Ponies on Wednesday night, with many as they had in the previous two years combined. The Ponies ran roughshod. The starting unit for Stillwater was firing on all cylinders. Each one of the five reached the coveted pp100 mark of 100. Stillwater had enough in the bank to win with six minutes left in the first half 37-15. At the break it was 52-24. Stillwater finished the game with a 133.8 pp100—-their starters reached 148.1 pp100. Farmington  was at 53.8.

For the game the Ponies were stellar at the line (23/25). That stellernish also shined through on the floor with 56.7% on 2s and 10 3s at 46%. By contrast Farmington only was at 9% from 3s with about the same number of shots. Stillwater had a +13 advantage in rebounds, and an overwhelming advantage (as stated previously) in free throw attempts with 15.

Amber Scalia (headed to the University of St. Thomas) had 28 points to lead the Ponies, Amy Thompson was right behind with 26. Thompson had a game best (for starters) 185.7 pp100, while Scalia was at 155.6. Both were members of the 31 Club with Scalia notching a game best 43 and Thompson at 33. For this reason, Scalia is the TRENCH PLAYER of the game. 6-2 center Lizzie Holder (Colorado bound) had 9 points. Rose Wille, who is headed to UW Stout, led Farmington with 10.

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