GBB Out & About: Andover v Park Center


Friday there were plenty of cancellations and postponements due to the winter storm. The further north one traveled; the better chance the game was going to be played. Anoka County was not involved in the winter storm advisories and as a result games in the Northwest Suburban Conference for the most part proceeded. This was the case in the game I charted with Andover picking up a come from behind road win at Park Center. Did the weather impact the performances Friday? Neither team delivered eye popping numbers. This was the lowest pp100 for a winning team this season with 56.8. On a side note, four of the lowest pp100s occurred this week when I charted games. The weather worked to the mascot advantage of Andover: it was definitely Husky weather outside.  It took a while for the Huskies to get their offense established. The host Pirates got off to a 10-0 start with 13:25 left in the first half. Andover closed the margin to 19-16 at the break. Part of the Pirate problems lay in facing full court pressure. They coughed the ball up 28 times. Andover failed to take advantage of that due to their 26 turnovers, usually rushed or not being strong with the ball and PC’s active hands. Andover also had a 46-38 advantage on the boards. For most of the week I have been a witness to fireworks behind the arc. Not Friday. Both teams combined for five total with the percentages in the deep freeze. Andover was slightly better than PC in this category with three made to two, and a percentage of 15.8% to 9.1%. Andover took their first lead near the twelve minute mark of the second half with a basket by xx 29-28. That was in the midst of a 12-0 Husky run. Despite being a close game down the stretch—meaning it was a two possession game with under a minute to go—-there seemed to be a distinct lack of urgency or rush to get shots off. Perhaps good shot selection and offensive patience were highlighted. But so was a lack of action that saw time slip away.

As for the TRENCH PLAYER of the game—sophomore guard Anna Vaaler of Andover had a team best 11 points, a game high pp100 (within the parameters) at 84.6, and a team best 31 Club score of 22. She was the Husky that had the lowest turnover ratio with 33 touches per turnover. She was directly involved in scoring four of the last six points and assisted on the basket she did not score.

The coaching change at PC tied Thursday’s and Friday’s game together. Former coach Barb Metcalfe is now at Buffalo. Taking over for the Pirates is Lakita Davis. Davis is a former Pirate class of 2003 and is a teacher in the building currently.

Andover is 3-2 overall and is sitting in a four way tie for first in the NW Suburban. PC is 2-4 overall, but is still searching for their first NW Suburban victory.

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