GBB Week that Was Plus Seeding the State Week 6


The holiday season has come and gone. With it were the tournaments that go along with it. The virus caused some havoc with the schedules—most noticeably at Hill-Murray where the hosts sat all three of their events (varsity/jv/B). Since Mahtomedi was involved in that event, I was locked in and was not able to stretch my wings. In my younger days I was able to pick off several teams in one day, and would float around. Not anymore.


My algorithm for deciding on which games to see in the upcoming weeks will be determined by a couple of features: what is the highest rated QRF team I haven’t seen? It is better if there are two fresh teams. I am not excited about a top flight team vs. #300 or less however. What is the highest combined QRF teams (low score wins). This is probably a better way to view games. And probably the best indication is: Can I get to the site on time? Leaving practice cuts off a huge swath of the state. That is probably the best determining factor. Saturdays seem to be wide open. Then it is a matter of bang for the buck—-how many teams in one sitting. Sometimes that may be how many games can I pick off in the time allotted. One year I went from New Ulm to Willmar to Braham. I made all three in no problem, but there are time deadlines. They don’t wait until I am seated and my computer is fired up.


Here are the unbeatens. We went from 25 last week to 15. Soon we will be to single digits. Perhaps as early as next week. The biggest loss this week came in A dropping four.

AAAA (4): Blaine; Hopkins; Minnetonka; Roseville

AAA (1): Austin

AA (3): Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, Minneapolis Roosevelt; Montevideo

A (7): Battle Lake; Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart; Hancock; Hayfield; Mayer Lutheran; South Ridge; Sleepy Eye

As for my checklist—-I am doing the best at the AAAA level with 9 of the top 10 done. It drops down each class thereafter with 6 in AAA, 4 in AA and 2 in A.

As for the QRF based list
1-10: 80%
1-25: 64%
1-50: 58%
1-75: 48% down 4
1-100: 47%

That means 53 left. The biggest fish out is Blaine at #6. No change there, but I did lose ground at 1-75. This first week of the year will see more teams crossed off. My ride is good. My schedule is not tied down by dogs, family, or continuous games with my team. The window is open for at least four games this week.


Class A is rearranged. With head to heads during the Holiday Tournament season that was bound to happen.


  1. Hopkins (6)
  2. Minnetonka (2)
  3. Michael-Albertville (8)
  4. Roseville (5)
  5. Rosemount (3)
  6. Stillwater (4)
  7. Lakeville North (1)
  8. Blaine (7)


  1. Becker (5)
  2. Austin (1)
  3. Holy Angels (6)
  4. Paul Como Park (3)
  5. Totino-Grace (4)
  6. Grand Rapids (7)
  7. Peter (2)
  8. Willmar (8)


  1. Minnehaha (4)
  2. Providence (5)
  3. Goodhue (1)
  4. Proctor (7)
  5. Montevideo (3)
  6. Fergus Falls (8)
  7. Sauk Centre (6)
  8. Glencoe-Silver Lake (2)


  1. Mountain Iron-Buhl (7)
  2. Mayer Lutheran (2)
  3. Hancock (6)
  4. Hayfield (1)
  5. Minneota (3)
  6. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (5)
  7. Cass Lake-Bena (8)
  8. New Life Academy (4)

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