2022 Second Badminton Poll

Once more information is available teams will be ranked. Each team is to send their results after each match to kja8067@gmail.com or by text.

Teams will be ranked fully. Single and doubles are now ranked 1 to 7.


  1. Johnson
  2. Washington
  3. Burnsville
  4. Highland Park
  5. Como Park
  6. Harding
  7. Edina
  8. Central
  9. Humboldt
  10. Trinity
  11. Kennedy
  12. Eden Prairie
  13. Tartan
  14. Roosevelt
  15. Math & Science
  16. Hmong College Prep Academy
  17. Community of Peace
  18. North St. Paul
  19. Southwest
  20. South
  21. Washburn
  22. Hiawatha


These schools are listed on the MSHSL badminton page for 2022. Some may not field a team this year. Some may not have had a match yet.

Eagle Ridge, Edison, Great River-TCA, Henry, North, Park Center, Prairie Seeds, Wayzata


  1. Kanlaya Thao, Harding
  2. Yeng Lai Thao, Johnson
  3. HaNeul Jeong-McDonell, Highland Park
  4. Cinderella Nwe, Washington
  5. Maddie Blackbourn, Burnsville
  6. Maggie Kocon, Trinity
  7. Zadie H, Central


  1. Ashley Herr/Birdy Xiong, Johnson
  2. Abby Briese/Corrina Benson, Burnsville
  3. Julia/ Emma, Central
  4. Dun Htoo/Cho Cho Oo, Washington
  5. Tree Saw/ Yurnee Paw, Humboldt
  6. Lah Shar/ Gay Nee, Como Park
  7. Kimberly Tobar / Shia Mee Lee, Harding


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