Badminton Out & About: Burnsville vs Minneapolis Roosevelt 4.12.2017


Another day, and another big win. Burnsville blazed through the Teddies. Visiting Roosevelt, with two regular singles players missing and a double split, never reached double digits in any set. This was the second straight day the Blaze swept a Minneapolis conference team. Washburn lost on Tuesday.

I barely made it down before the start of the match. There is construction on 94 taking the lanes down to two. That chokes off the traffic much further north. On top of that there was a severe accident just east of the Lowry Hill Tunnel where I saw a victim with severe head trama laying on the grass. I did make it with about three minutes to spare. The teams were justing warming up prior to the first set when I walked in.

1. Megan Peterson, B def Melanie Manlapaz 21-2, 21-3
2. Jaylin Wong, B def Alice Oman 21-5, 21-9
3. Theresa Tourtillott, B def Anjuli Lawler 21-7, 21-4
4. Grace Gothard, B def Steph Martinez 21-3, 21-5

1. Thanh Nguyen/Elena Luu, B def Julia Stensaas/Maya Lapachelle 21-6, 21-4
2. Sarah Leahy/Greta Donnelly, B def Redwan Hassan/Nimo 21-4, 21-4
3. Carly Dahl/Hana Handzija, B def Sarena Horng/Jacki Osohs 21-5, 21-7

: Burnsville 4-0 1.000
Games: Burnsville 8-0 1.000
points: Burnsville 168-38 .816
decided by 10+: Burnsville 8-0 1.000
decided by 3-: none
margin: Burnsville 16.25
: Burnsville 3-0 1.000
Games: Burnsville 6-0 1.000
points: Burnsville 126-30 .808
decided by 10+: Burnsville 6-0 1.000
decided by 3-: none
margin: Burnsville 16.00


megan PETERSON 2, melanie MANLAPAZ 0
(21-2, 21-3)

I mentioned the traffic issues prior to my arrival. I pull out my notebook and right at the end of warm ups Roosevelt’s Melanie Manlapaz rolled her ankle as she went to the right side line.  Time was take to do a little ice therapy and get the offending ankle wrapped, but Manlapaz, the usual second singles player filling in, was not very mobile. Just like yesterday the standard play was deep serve by Peterson, a clear and then Peterson would pick a winner. She was able to rack up twelve winners off drives and ten more off soft drives. Manlapaz could barely get to the net on those birds. Just like yesterday the runs were frequent and long. Just like yesterday side outs were automatic. Manlapaz did not get one winner. The only time she got the initial side out was when Peterson attempted a short serve that was truly short of the mark. The longest rally was seven stroke error point in the first set that went to Manlapaz.

Side out 6/6-1.000 1/7-.143
3+ Runs 6 0
Longest point string 12 1
Service points 36 0
Overall points 42 5
Strokes 116 17
Strokes per point 2.762 3.400
5+ rallies 2 1
2- rallies 10 1
Aces 5 0
Blocks 1 0
Clears 2 0
Drives 12 0
Drops 6 0
Soft drives 10 0
Smashes 4 0
Deep 0 0
Net 2 0
Wide 2 1
Serve 1 1
W:E Ratio 8.000 0.000
Margin 18.50  
Set Point % 2/2-1.000  
Time 8:36.82  



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