Badminton Out & About: South vs Edison 4.20.2017


South, for the second time this season, swept Edison in a Minneapolis Conference match up. This time the Tigers did the job on the road and without their normal second singles Derartu Ansha. Edison was also missing someone—-coach Sarah Gregg was attending a conference and that meant Athletic Director Amy Cardarelle filled in. In the last meeting with the Tigers & the Tommies, Edison pushed three sets at first and third doubles. Today the Tommies pushed three times: again at first doubles, but the pressure also came at first and third singles. Two times South won when the match went to extra points.

Today I attempted to do a shot chart and do the line charting I normally do. More about that in the first singles story.

I am now down to two teams left on the menu: Community of Peace and Math & Science. They are due to be charted on Monday.

1. Bella Kantharak, S def Der 16-21, 21-13, 21-12
2. Mai Yang, S def Sagal 21-10, 21-18
3. Francesca Cannon, S def Ivy 21-10, 17-21, 21-14
4. Sagal Muktar, S def Allison 21-18, 21-18

1. Nisa Khairunisa/Darla Dennis, S def Delila/Pakou 23-21, 17-21, 21-12
2. Jane Harris/Maddy Tennant, S def Hlou/Poul 21-16, 21-9
3. Roda Nur/Asha Ainab, S def Kia/Joua 21-16, 26-24

: South 4-0 1.000
Games: South 8-0 1.000
points: South 201-155 .565
decided by 10+: South 2-0 1.000
decided by 3-: South 3-0 1.000
margin: South 4.60
: South 3-0 1.000
Games: South 6-1 .857
points: South 150-119 .558
decided by 10+: South 1-0 1.000
decided by 3-: South 2-0 1.000
margin: South 4.429


bella KANTHARAK 2, DER 1
(16-21, 22-13, 21-12)

South’s Bella Kantharak defeated Edison’s Der for the second time this season, but this time it took three sets to get the job done. Kantharak controlled the winner side of the ledger 45-12 and took most of the other stat categories too. Looking at the shot chart Kantharak worked the right side for points. She had 17 winners in front of the service line for the match.

The first set was a struggle for Kantharak as she had 16 errors. Der only had 12 winners in the three sets. Seven of the errors were sent wide to the racquet hand (right). That is also where Kantharak focused her winners in that set with ten falling on the right half, five in front of the service line. Der took control with a run of six to go up 13-9. Kantharak closed to 18-16 before Der wrapped things up with three straight ignited by a five stroke smash.

In set two Kantharak slimmed down her errors while boosting her winners from 11 to 17. The soft drive (to the right front) won five of those points. The clears to the back hand (left) worked for five points. Kantharak started off the set with three straight and then added a second run of four to go up 9-4. Der didn’t get a run until it was late in the set with three to make it 19-13. Two drops finished the set.

Der could not get a run in the third set. Kantharak didn’t have a problem getting runs with five for the set. Der didn’t let Kantharak loose with drawn out runs. The Tiger’s longest run was four to take her to 15-8.

Side out 15/28-.536 10/28-.357
3+ Runs 10 3
Longest point string 4 6
Service points 32 20
Overall points 59 46
Points after 11 28 23
Points after own errors 19/34-.559 6/14-.429
Strokes 199 149
Strokes per point 3.373 3.239
5+ rallies 11 9
2- rallies 24 16
Aces 5 0
Blocks 0 1
Clears 6 5
Drives 7 3
Drops 3 1
Soft drives 16 0
Smashes 8 2
ERRORS 34 14
Deep 3 0
Net 13 6
Wide 11 6
Serve 7 2
W:E Ratio 1.324 0.857
Margin 4.333  
Set Point % 2/2-1.000 1/1-1.000
Time 17:58.74  



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