Badminton Poll #7


1 Johnson

2 Washington

3 Harding

4 Eden Prairie

5 Como

6 Central

7 Humboldt

8 Highland

9 Burnsville

10 Kennedy

11 Edina

12 Hmong Academy

13 Southwest

14 South

15 Washburn

16 Henry

17 Community of Peace

18 Prairie Seeds

19 Edison

20 Roosevelt

21 Math & Science

22 North

23 Hiawatha Collegiate

Individuals are ranked when I have enough information. Send all results to kja8067@gmail com with the information or send a photo of the results to 612-723-0534.

All information is used in seeding the state tournament in May. No information will result in poor seeds at state.


This week the conference tournaments for St. Paul, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Athletic Conference will take place. The rankings you see here are for each flight. When the state tournament takes place next week all singles will be mixed togheter (as will doubles). A #1 ranked second singles player could be ranked in the top eight when the final listings come out.



1 Khao Nou Lor, Johnson

2 Chusang Nhasang, Kennedy

3 May Garvey, Central

4 Ashley Nelson, Eden Prairie

5 Tu Lor Paw, ComoPark

6 Htee Moo Chaw, Humboldt

7 Mia Coma, Edina

8 Pajai Thao, Highland

9 Jumy Miko, Harding

10 Kalia Xiong, Washington

11  Lily Landis, Southwest

12 Koussy Yang, Hmong Academy


1 Kasumi Vang, Johnson

2 Lucia Calatayud, Highland Park

3 Avery Schu, Eden Prairie

4 Eh Ni Mor, Washington

5 Taw Bee, Como

6 Bao Vang, Humboldt

7 Hnubci Vang, Harding

8 Angela Taing, Kennedy

9 Kimbo Vang, Hmong Academy

10 Emily Jenewin, Southwest



1 Pa Nhia Her, Johnson

2 Be Be Say, Washington

3 Sanjana Seethamraju, Eden Prairie

4 Blong Lor, Harding

5 Alliah Firman, Humboldt

6 Kila Panchot, Edina

7 Neng Thao, Hmong Academy

8 Anna Jenewin, Southwest



1 Star Thao, Johnson

2 Jansaree Na, Washington

3 Ester Htoo, Harding

4 Katie Terrance, Eden Prairie

5 Elisa John, Highland Park

6 Gemma, Southwest

7 Sheng Heng, Hmong Academy




1 Nou Chee Yang/Bao Nhia Thao, Johnson

2 Wamee Vang/Xiong Vang, Central

3 Wah Lah Paw/Enna Say, Washington

4 Dalee Chang/Esther Vang Community of Peace

5 Chunjai Xiong/Kushel, Harding

6 Sydney Sabow/Ella Kile, Edina

7 Thanh Nguyen/Elena Luu, Burnsville

8 Yia Yang/Zoua Xiong, Como Park

9 Nisa Khairunisa/Darla Dennis, South

10 Camryn/Alysa, Southwest



1 Josapheena Thao/Nou Gee Xiong, Johnson

2 Sarah Leahy/Greta Donnelly, Burnsville

3 Ratsamee Thosaengsiri/Jaiab Yang, Harding

4 Karia Chang/Chloe Yang,  Washington

5 Sydney Ruesink/Roshina Mahamed Rafee, Eden Prairie

6 Mariah Aye Meh/Ju Be Lee Thoo, ComoPark



1 Jialia Vue/Lisa Vue, Johnson

2 Pa Shia Vang/Nyo Nyo Sein, Washington

3 Ed Th Dah/Shar Too, Como Park

4 Maren Naegele/Arden Ruehl, Edina

5 Angie Lor/Abby, Harding

6 Kao Yer Thao/Sheng Thao, Hmong Academy

7 Ginger/Ruby, Southwest

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