2017-18 GBB Awards: IA: WaMaC East Division All Conference

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2017-18 WaMaC East Division All-Conference

First Team                                             

Sydney Volkenant (unan)            Sr           Anamosa

Sophia Wilt (unan)                        Sr           Anamosa

Lindsey Eimers (unan)                  So          Western Dubuque

Kristen Elliott (unan)                    Sr           DeWitt, Central

McKenzie Maahs                                         Sr           Western Dubuque

Sammy Moss                                 Jr           Mount Vernon

Maggie Murphy                             Sr           DeWitt, Central

Tara Hansel                                    Jr           Dyersville, Beckman

Second Team

Hannah Ambrosy                          Sr           Maquoketa

Brianna Smith                                Sr           Solon

Taylor Hinz                                                    Jr           Anamosa

Taylor Zumbach                             Jr           Anamosa

Karlie Fagan                                    Jr           Western Dubuque

Lauren Collier                                 Sr           West Delaware

Sydney Steffen                               Jr           Dyersville, Beckman

Sydney Arens                                 Jr           Dyersville, Beckman


Honorable Mention


Maggie McQuillen                         So          Anamosa

Taylor Zaruba                                 Sr           Anamosa

Alex Mohr                                                     Sr           DeWitt, Central

Sydney Small                                  Sr           DeWitt, Central

McKenzie Arens                             Sr           Dyersville, Beckman

Brooke Lucas                                  Sr           Dyersville, Beckman

Brie Bennis                                                    Jr           Maquoketa

Nell Sybesma                                 So          Maquoketa

McKenzie Hartl                              Sr           Mount Vernon

Noelle Ossenkop                                         Sr           Mount Vernon

Gabby Marty                                  Jr           Solon

Abby Smith                                                   Jr           Solon

Brooke O’Connell                          Sr           West Delaware

Kendra Offerman                                        Sr           West Delaware

Chloe Baumgartner                      Sr           Western Dubuque

Emma Baumhover                        Jr           Western Dubuque

Coach of the Year:

Jack Leighty                      Anamosa

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