Badminton History: St. Paul Singles Champions

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Olamide Fadahunsi of Johnson won three titles.
Johnson has 6 titlists, Como Park 3, Harding 2, Highland Park 2, Central 2, Humboldt 1

Year, Champion, Runner up
2001 Dee Thao, Como Park, Nora Togar, Johnson
2002 Dee Thao, Como Park, Ma Lee Vang, Arlington
2003 Mai Nou Lor, Como Park, MaLee Vang, Arlington
2004 Mai Nhia Thao, Humboldt, KaBao Lo, Johnson
2005 Yong Thao, Como Park, Fon Ma, Como Park
2006 Pang Thao, Harding, Xiong Yang, Arlington
2007 Pang Thao, Harding, Khoa Xiong, Highland Park
2008 Khoua Xiong, Highland Park, Yer Chang, Central
2009 Olamide Fadahunsi, Johnson, Ka Neng Vue, Como Park
2010 Olamide Fadahunsi, Johnson, Ka Neng Vue, Como Park
2011 Olamide Fadahunsi, Johnson, Law Law, Central
2012 Gao Lee, Highland Park, Kalia Her, Johnson
2013 Law Law, Central; Pa Zao Moua, Highland Park
2014 Panyia Vue, Harding, Julia Chang, Central
2015 Xena Yang, Johnson, Yer Moua, Central
2016 Yer Moua, Central; Kao Mor Thao, Central
2017 Khao Nou Lor, Johnson; Star Thao, Johnson
2018 Nou Chee Yang, Johnson; May Garvey, Central
2019 Pa Di Moua, Johnson; Nuhchi Chah, Johnson
2020 pandemic
2021 Song Yang, Johnson; Nag Poe, Como Park


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