2017-18 GBB Awards: MN: Valley All Conference

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Grade   Name    School

11          Grace Dehen     Nicollet/Loyola

12          Brooke Skrien    Nicollet/Loyola

12          Macy Quinn       GHEC/T/ ML

9            Lakesha Carter  LCWM

9            Alexis Cloyd       LCWM

12          Brielle Cords      JWP

12          Olivia Drummer St. Clair

12          Megan Mettler  St. Clair

11          MacKenzie Kruse             St. Clair

11          Erika Bute           Alden Conger

9            Abbie Theusch  Alden Conger

11          Caitlin Brink       Cleveland

11          Alyssa Williamson           Martin County West

12          Maia Taylor       Martin County West

12          Renae Eckmann Martin County West

Honrable Mention

Grade   Name    School

12          Thejen Luoth     Madelia

10          Lilly Maul           Madelia

12          Sarah Haugum  Nicollet/Loyola

9            Emily Olson        JWP

8            McKenna Ziemke            JWP

12          Michaela Karels St. Clair

11          Cassidy Anderegg            St. Clair

11          Karna Ziebarth  Cleveland

12          Rachael Kunkel  Cleveland

11          Katelyn McCabe              Cleveland

11          Karlee Thiesse   Martin County West

12          Kierra Wilson     LCWM

12          Kaitlyn Brown    LCWM

11          Megan Linn        Alden Conger

12          Sydney Chicos   Alden Conger

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