GBB Out & About: Two 5AA Semifinals 3.4.2020

Both top seeds in section 5AA moved on Wednesday night at St. Michael-Albertville. Both winners held their opponents to remarkably similar pp100 on defense—55.7 and 55.6. Droughts played a big part in the wins (or losses depending on your viewpoint). The other similarity with the winners came from behind the arc. Both winners shot over 40% from that neighborhood. The teams that did not prevail also had similar showings behind the arc—-under 13 percent. The result will be a sequel to an early season game which Providence solidified their number one seed with a 62-36 win over Watertown-Mayer.


#1 seed Providence got revenge for an early season loss to #5 seed Holy Family in the opener Wednesday. The Lions squelched and doused the Fire holding them to a miserly nine at half, tripling their score (27-9). Location, location, location. That was the theme of the shots taken inside by Providence and not taken by HF. The Lions cashed in four 14 interior baskets on 29 attempts while HF’s embers were trying to start a spark at 5/11. HF had a rally at the start of the second half as they sloughed off their anemic start. With 12:26 left in the game HF sliced into the Lion lead 33-20 prompting a time out. That soon got the Lions into a groove as they scored on five of their next six possessions including back to back 3s from the right side. That pushed the lead back to 48-27 and the crisis had passed. HF had trouble executing their offense all night. Passes were off even if they were caught. Timing and rhythm was not in sync. And the Fire settled for long distance opportunities.

POINTS 67 39
REBOUNDS/OFF 40/14 32/14
2FGA/% 50/48.00 27/37.03
3FGA/% 9/44.44 22/13.63
FTA/% 11/63.63 15/66.67
PP100 95.7 55.7
TOP SCORER Kyra Miller 16 Two with 9

TRENCH PLAYER: Maria Counts of Providence with 12 points, 120.0 pp100 and a 42 scroe in the 31 Club. Part of that was propelled by 21 d stops (15 d rebounds) and 9/15 on set up passes.


#2 Watertown-Mayer topped #6 Annandale for the third time this year. Tonight the Royals had three players in double digits; the Cardinals did not have any player in double digits. The whole reason for attendance at this game tonight was to chart WM, a top 100 team and also to check on the progress of future Gopher Maggie Czinano. Czinano had 17 points on the night, with two 3s. She drew attention from Cardinals all night. The Royals had pop off the bench. Mercedes Burmeister had 19 points but was instrumental in putting WM up in the first half going 3/3 on 3s and 2/2 on 2s. On one of her 3s she tied the game at 15. That would be the last time Annandale had a lead. Burmeister had 11 points in the last 5:40 of the first half and WM had a 26-18 lead at the break. The difference in the WM win compared with the Providence victory was the interior shooting: Annandale was more accurate inside going 9/20 to 4/17 for WM. The Royals made their presence felt behind the arc going 8/20. Besides Burmeister and Czinano, Libby Heilman lit it up behind the arc with a trio of triples.

POINTS 52 35
REBOUNDS/OFF 40/12 38/11
2FGA/% 34/32.35 31/32.25
3FGA/% 20/40.00 19/10.52
FTA/% 10/60.00 15/60.00
PP100 81.2 55.6
TOP SCORER Mercedes Burmeister 19 Lauren Campbell 9

TRENCH PLAYER: Mercedes Burmeister of WM with 19 points, 188.9 pp100 and a 32 score in the 31 Club. Burmeister was the jolt WM needed off the bench to get the cushion at half.


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