2019 Badminton Poll #5: Singles & Doubles

Here are the singles and doubles rankings. The last rankings will go out AFTER the City Tournaments later this week. There will be adjustments after those events.


1 Ester Htoo, Harding

2 BeBe Say, Washington

3 Nuhchi Chah, Johnson

4 Mai Ngo, Burnsville

5 Angel Liang, Edina

6 Jansaree Na, Washington

7 Pa Di Moua, Johnson

8 Neul McDonnell, Highland Park

9 Pitsamai Thao, Johnson

10 Taw Bee, Como Park


1 Chia Sangwang/Lisa Xiong, Central

2 Dah Ku/Joy Moua, Johnson

3 Lindsay Lundberg/Shay Reger, Edina

4 Nyo Nyo Sein/Karia, Washington

5 Kachoua Vang/Chia Thao, Johnson

6 Gao Thor/Kyra Thor, Harding

7 Yan-Ling Yuan/Tran Nguyen, Kennedy

8 Karia/Snow White, Washington

9 Angie Lor/Goly Cheng, Harding

10 Pacee/Song, Johnson

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