GBB Out & About: Chanhassen v St. Francis


Tonight, was a Palindrome game—-backward or forward was the same result 73-37. Host Chanhassen put running time on St. Francis right at the nine minute mark in a  rare Wednesday non-conference match up. The Storm was a whirlwind of action all night, with the result of that action primarily layups. It did not matter if they came on steals or missed shots. The Storm ran wild with a 13/16 transition mark. Callin Hake was the prime finisher with 21 points in her brief appearance; 10 of those points came on fast breaks. St. Francis attempted to half the bleeding when trailing 8-2 four and a half minutes into the game. 54 seconds later a second Saint time out was burned after three straight Chan lay ups (14-2). SF was respectable in the first half thanks to the long ball—-they cashed in three times in the first half and trailed 38-26 at the break. The Chan defense to start the second half was of the “slam the door and throw away the key” variety. The Storm scored 23 unanswered points and led 61-26 with 12:16 left.

At this point I have seen 73% of the AAAA teams with 17 left; I have charted 58% of the AAA teams with 26 left.

Chan snapped a two game losing streak and is now 7-9 on the year. SF falls to 2-12 on the season and their win streak is over at one.

Both teams have new coaches this year: Arthur Crutch runs the Storm. Nick Djerf calls the shots at SF. Former Andover coach Robb Belschner is a SF assistant.

SF is no longer in section 7AAAA, and has moved to section 5AAA for the next two years.

POINTS 73 37
REBOUNDS/OFF 48/16 32/14
2FGA/% 51/58.82 31/32.25
3FGA/% 16/18.75 25/16.00
FTA/% 7/57.14 11/45.45
PP100 110.6 56.9
TOP SCORER Callin Hake 21 Emma Kopet 11

TRENCH PLAYER: Callin Hake with 21 points, 110.5 pp100, and a 36 score in the 31 Club. Keep in mind Hake only played 17 minutes of the game. Prorated Hake would have scored 44.51 points and had a 69 in the 31 Club.

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