MN GBB: Seeding the State #10


The seeding of the state tournament apparently is a moving target. The latest bit of information according to my sources deep inside the MSHSL is that ALL teams will be seeded. Before everyone gets too excited, it will be seeds one through four in the south half, one through four in the  north half with a cross fertilization in the semis. For example #1 v #4 south; #2 v #3 North; #1 v #4 North; #2 v #3 South. Both #1s could theoretically reach the finals. So could both #4s. in this scenario, using the hypothetical 1-4s with the listing below in AAAA, it would be Farmington v Rosemount; Centennial v Elk River on one half of the bracket; Hopkins v Forest Lake; Chaska v Stillwater on the other side. Same holds water for the rest of the classes.

It should be noted there has been no official pronouncement on the process as of yet and the 1-4s are to be determined.


The virus claimed their first #1 seed——Red Wing in 1AAA this week. The Wingers were not the only team knocked out by the unseen scourge. As a matter of fact Hopkins has yet to play a section game and is already in the final. First off Cooper withdrew from the 6AAAA tournament leaving 1-7 teams. Then Minneapolis South bowed out after a quarterfinal win over Southwest.

Some schools tried to continue with certain members of their team on quarantine. Some succeeded, some fell by the wayside. I am sure there will be more casualties as the week goes on.


This week is section finals. After that an entire week off. Is this the Super Bowl build up?

The seeds below are in the fantasy world category if there was no virus and we could go 1-8.


1 Hopkins (6)

2 Farmington (1)

3 Chaska (2)

4 Stillwater (4)

5 Centennial (5)

6 Elk River (8)

7 Rosemount (3)

8 Forest Lake (7)


1 Hill-Murray (4)

2 Becker (5)

3 Holy Angels (6)

4 Marshall (2)

5 St. Paul Como Park (3)

6 Alexandria (8)

7 Austin (1)

8 Grand Rapids (7)


1 New London-Spicer (3)

2 Fergus Falls (8)

3 Providence (5)

4 Minnehaha (4)

5 Albany (6)

6 Lake City (1)

7 Duluth Marshall (7)

8 Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial (2)


1 Minneota (3)

2 Henning (6)

3 Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s (2)

4 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (5)

5 Mayer Lutheran (4)

6 Mountain Iron-Buhl (7)

7 Blooming Prairie (1)

8 Cass Lake-Bena (8)


“We’ve got an eleven.” The famous quote from This is Spinal Tap. We also have 11 undefeated teams remaining.

The lone victim this week was Stewartville in 1AA falling to #8 seed, and defending section champion, Rochester Lourdes Saturday night.

AAAA: 4 (Chaska, Farmington, Hopkins, Stillwater)

AAA: 2 (Marshall, St. Paul Como Park)

AA: 2 (New London-Spicer)

A: 4 (Hancock, Houston, Minneota, Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s)


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