Badminton Poll #6


1 Johnson

2 Washington

3 Harding

4 Como

5 Eden Prairie

6 Central

7 Humboldt

8 Highland

9 Edina

10 Burnsville

11 Kennedy

12 Hmong Academy

13 Southwest

14 South

15 Washburn

16 Henry

17 Community of Peace

18 Prairie Seeds

19 Edison

20 Roosevelt

21 Math & Science

22 North

23 Hiawatha Collegiate


Individuals are ranked when I have enough information. Send all results to kja8067@gmail com with the information or send a photo of the results to 612-723-0534.

All information is used in seeding the state tournament in May. No information will result in poor seeds at state.




1 Khao Nou Lor, Johnson

2 Chusang Nhasang, Kennedy

3 May Garvey, Central

4 Ashley Nelson, Eden Prairie

5 Tu Lor Paw, ComoPark

6 Mia Coma, Edina

7  Lily Landis, Southwest

8 Koussy Yang, Hmong Academy

9 Jumy Miko, Harding



1 Kasumi Vang, Johnson

2 Lucia Calatayud, Highland Park

3 Avery Schu, Eden Prairie

5 Kimbo Vang, Hmong Academy

6 Emily Jenewin, Southwest

7 Hnubci Vang, Harding



1 Pa Nhia Her, Johnson

2 Be Be Say, Washington

3 Sanjana Seethamraju, Eden Prairie

4 Blong Lor, Harding

5 Kila Panchot, Edina

7 Neng Thao, Hmong Academy

6 Anna Jenewin, Southwest



1 Star Thao, Johnson

2 Jansaree Na, Washington

3 Ester Htoo, Harding

4 Katie Terrance, Eden Prairie

5 Elisa John, Highland Park

6 Gemma, Southwest

7 Sheng Heng, Hmong Academy




1 Nou Chee Yang/Bao Nhia Thao, Johnson

2 Wamee Vang/Xiong Vang, Central

3 Sydney Sabow/Ella Kile, Edina

4 Wah Lah Paw/Enna Say, Washington

5 Thanh Nguyen/Elena Luu, Burnsville

6 Dalee Chang/Esther Vang Community of Peace

7 Yia Yang/Zoua Xiong, Como Park

8 Nisa Khairunisa/Darla Dennis, South

9 Camryn/Alysa, Southwest



1 Josapheena Thao/Nou Gee Xiong, Johnson

2 Sarah Leahy/Greta Donnelly, Burnsville

3 Ratsamee Thosaengsiri/Jaiab Yang, Harding

4 Karia Chang/Chloe Yang,  Washington

5 Sydney Ruesink/Roshina Mahamed Rafee, Eden Prairie

6 Mariah Aye Meh/Ju Be Lee Thoo, ComoPark



1 Jialia Vue/Lisa Vue, Johnson

2 Pa Shia Vang/Nyo Nyo Sein, Washington

3 Ed Th Dah/Shar Too, Como Park

4 Maren Naegele/Arden Ruehl, Edina

5 Angie Lor/Abby, Harding

6 Kao Yer Thao/Sheng Thao, Hmong Academy

7 Ginger/Ruby, Southwest



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