2019-20 Week That Was, Seeding the State, Superlatives Weeks 13

One of my mantras (which drive many folks apoplectic with rage) is “There is no such thing as good defense, just bad offense.” I was on hand to see this with a ringside seat this week. Technical levels, skill levels of players are important. Their decision making in the heat of battle, being able to read the situation and making the right choice, can be developed. This is an eye/perceiving issue. The different situations the defense can present are only addressed by experience. You can not visually look at a player and see the hours logged. You can look at a body and make some quick assessments; watching the body move can also answer some questions. There are specimens out there. That does not make them players. It only may show a potential—–maybe. It is the heart, the mind, the drive, the choices that can separate the JAGs from the gems. Keep the right perspective. Who can create space and take away space?


Am I treading water? It seems I saw teams this week, but the churn in the lower reaches of the 100 make it impossible to get headway. Last week I had seven to go. This week I still have seven to go despite crossing off teams, Wednesday and Saturday (2). The possible dates now dwindle down to a precious few—6 regular season dates. 11 section dates (no one plays on Saturday, March 7), and then four state dates: 21 potential. I am down to two remaining in AAAA—-neither are in danger of being in the top 100, this is the 62 AAAA quest. It looks like it will happen——three in AAA (and that has to be done this week); three in AA and one in A. The problem with the lower levels is the Saturday February 29 date. Most sections will hold either their quarters (small schools) or semis (big schools). The window to see others will be extremely limited.

Level Seen %
1-10 10 100.00
1-25 25 100.00
1-50 49 98.00
1-75 74 98.67
1-100 93 93.00
1-125 110 88.00
1-150 122 81.33
1-175 136 77.71
1-200 144 72.00
1-225 148 65.77


The race is still topsy turvey. AA is the field that could see the most ferocious battle for a #1 seed. Multiple scenarios exist. The other classes look locked in.


1 Hopkins #6
2 Farmington #1
3 Park Center #5
4 Chaska #2
5 St. Michael-Albertville #8
6 Rosemount #3
7 Stillwater #4
8 Andover #7


1 DeLaSalle #4
2 Becker #5
3 Simley #3
4 Marshall #2
5 Holy Angels #6
6 Red Wing #1
7 Alexandria #8
8 Hermantown #7


1 Rochester Lourdes #1
2 Sauk Centre #6
3 Fergus Falls #8
4 New London-Spicer #3
6 Waseca #2
7 Minnehaha #4
5 Providence #5
8 Proctor #7


1 Minneota #3
2 Cromwell-Wright #7
3 Mayer Lutheran #4
4 Walker-Hackensack-Akeley #5
5 Henning #6
6 Blooming Prairie #1
7 Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s #2
8 Red Lake #8


Still the same.

AAAA: 1: Hopkins
AAA: 1: Marshall
AA: 1: Pelican Rapids
A: 0


AAAA, AAA, AA—-no surprises, no questions. UCA? surprise! Questions?

AAAA: 55 Hopkins (32+23)
AAA 23: Marshall
AA 24: Pelican Rapids
A 13: United Christian Academy

What about the secondary market? 6AA is a log jam—-along with 1AA—they will have five 20 game winners in those sections. Albany & Pine City make their appearance in the secondary market. Red Lake is riding a wave. At one point they were 4-8. In their current 12 game win streak they have a win over AA Roseau.
AAAA: 14 Rochester Mayo, Minneapolis South
AAA: 18 Becker
AA: 17 New London-Spicer, Albany, Pine City
A: 12 Minneota, Red Lake

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