Badminton History: Minneapolis Doubles Champions

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Henry leads in the doubles with five champions. Edison & Southwest have 3; South 2, Roosevelt 2, Washburn 2, Marshall-University 1

1975 Barbara Hoisington/Vicki Bliss, Marshall-University
1976 Linda Wilcon/Tammy Wilcox, Roosevelt
2006 Abby Behl/Lydia Kelly, Southwest
2007 Yer Yang/Choua Yang, Henry
2008 Xia Xiong/Kabao Xiong, Edison
2009 Tanesha Williams/Shoua Yang, Henry
2010 Tanesha Williams/Shoua Yang, Henry
2011 Tanesha Williams/Shoua Yang, Henry
2012 Angela Taylor/Amy Xiong, Henry
2013 Mishell Quiridumbay/Kelsey Dominguez, Edison
2014 Megan Boone/Evie Odden, Southwest
2015 Megan Boone/Evie Odden, Southwest
2016 Erika Sacta/Jenny Chavez, Edison
2017 Nisa Khairunisa/Darla Dennis, South
2018 Nisa Khairunisa/Darla Dennis, South
2019 Hannah Yoshitani/Eleanor Friel, Washburn
2020 pandemic
2021 Hannah Yoshitani/Eleanor Friel, Washburn
2022 Chitra Wudali / Lorraine, Southwest
2023 Mollie / Sophia M, Roosevelt

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